Five Essential Travel Photography Tips

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Traveling is one of the most amazing things you can do. Exotic places, different cultures, amazing food, there are so many things to take photos of. If you have a passion for photography, or even just sharing your experiences with friends, you probably want to take amazing photos that do the places you’ve traveled justice. However, travel photography isn’t the same as portraits or even photos you take messing around in your own city, so here are a few tips to improve your photography while you explore the world. Here are our five essential travel photography tips:

Different Angles

 This is probably something you’ve heard many times before, but it’s especially true for travel photography. Why? Because most of these places have been photographed hundreds of times before, so you need to find a new and exciting way to present it. Take the Eiffel Tower for instance, thousands upon thousands of photos of it are out there, but what if you take an aerial shot, or one on the ground looking up at it? That’s far more interesting to look at than just your typical straight-on shot.

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Sometimes the best photo you’ll take on your trip is the one you weren’t expecting. Pay attention to the little details in the world around you, you’ll be surprised what you find. Don’t just take photos of the inordinate number of temples, and don’t stick to just landscapes or people in the street. The little things that people don’t always notice are going to be where the gold is.

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Know The Basics

Photography is a complicated art, and there’s more to taking great travel photos than an eye for what’s interesting and looks good. Know your rule of thirds, composition, understand symmetry and more importantly, know how your camera truly works. You might have a fascinating subject and an awesome scene to capture, but if you cut off the top of their head and aren’t focused properly, that photo isn’t going to look good, no matter how interesting the subject is.

You can learn all about the basics with our Free Photography Fundamentals PDF here

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Localise It

When you’re traveling places, it’s easy to get stuck doing all the typical “touristy” things and not branching out much, but it’s by branching out and going to the places that the locals visit, and not the tourists, that your treasure trove of great photography subjects will be. These areas will be the authentic things you’re looking for and what will make far more interesting photos that depict the place you went way better than a shopping street with a McDonalds and H&M.

photo-1453952399250-ab1d2ed44976 travel photography tipsPut The Camera Down 

Travel photography is great fun and it can be tempting to just take photos of everything, but sometimes viewing the whole world solely through your viewfinder is detrimental. Put it down and learn about the people and the culture, try new things and have an amazing time. Those will be the best experiences.

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Travel photography is a wonderful art, and with these five travel photography tips you’ll be well on your way to taking stunning and engaging images and improving your art significantly, without needing to buy any extra expensive equipment.