Pakk Bag Update #2

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Since the first update of everything going on at Pakk an awful lot has been going on, so we felt it was time for a new Pakk Bag Update. Many hours have been poured into designing and re-designing the bag as well as harvesting extensive feedback. We want to really get under the skin of photographers to really understand exactly what it is that you want from a camera bag. We feel we are getting closer to where we want the bag to be, a versatile bag that is intuitive to use, highly convenient as well as stylish (we like to think!).

We want to be transparent as we go on this journey with you all, building in your thoughts, ideas and feedback will help us get to a camera bag that you love using. In the interest of transparency, let’s start with the first prototype of the ‘bag’. We say ‘bag’ as it is difficult to call it that, the bag could equally be a tent, sleeping bag or anything else along those lines!

The first design did not quite go to plan and we had to go back to the drawing board. We carried out a complete redesign of the bag, moved our sampling to a new factory and underwent extensive research into the best possible materials we can find to use. Although our first sample went hilariously wrong, we have learnt to love it.

Prototype 2

After months of research into factories, materials and designs we found a new factory to work with that we felt confident they could deliver what we need. This period brings us right up to today, with Prototype 2 that is MUCH closer to where we want the bag to be.

Pakk Camera Bag pakk bag updatePakk Camera Bag-10 pakk bag update

I am sure you will all agree that the bag has made a giant leap forward on from our first prototype! Although we are closer, we are not where we want to be yet.There are some small issues to iron out as well as new features that we want to bring in. There is work to be done on the dimensions of the bag, we want the right balance of size to carry enough gear without looking like a tortoise with a shell on your back.

The Pakk bag is designed as an everyday camera bag. We wanted a bag that allows us to carry our cameras with us every day, whilst also carrying our day-to-day items. Versatility is key for this bag, we wanted a bag that works just as well as a backpack in its own right without the camera functionality. The bag can be zipped into two compartments for your camera and other bits as well as unzipped to be used as a normal backpack.

Pakk Camera Bag-4 pakk bag updatePakk Camera Bag-5 pakk bag updatePakk Camera Bag-8 pakk bag update

We know that cameras come in all shapes and sizes and we want you to be able to create the right setup for you. For DSLR users the bag can your camera with a 70-200m lens as well as 2 additional lenses. For the mirrorless users, there is plenty of spaces for multiple lenses and accessories. The insert is removable allowing easy access to camera and organisation. WARNING – the fur lining is incredibly soft and you may find yourself sat stroking it for a while.

Pakk Camera Bag-6 pakk bag update

There are many more features to run through, and more to be added but here are some pictures for now to whet the appetite:

Pakk Camera Bag-2 pakk bag updatePakk Camera Bag-9 pakk bag updatePakk Camera Bag-12 pakk bag update
So, what does this all mean and when/how can you get yourself a Pakk bag?

We are still in our development stage, we will not be putting out a bag that is not the best it can be. We continue to speak to photographers of all abilities to build the perfect camera daypack built on a foundation of style. There will be a period of field testing the bag across a range of situations to really put it through its paces. We are expecting at least 2 more prototyping stages to perfect the bag to where we want it.

Once we have perfected our bag, we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign where you will be able to buy a Pakk bag for cheaper than the RRP and be the first to get your hands on one of these bags. We are so excited to be on this journey with you all and thank you for the support so far. Without your support the Pakk bag will never be a reality, so please help share and spread the word! In the build up to our official launch we will producing lots of content to help you get into photography, improve your photography as well as tips and tricks on exploring.


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