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With an awful lot going on behind the scenes at Pakk we thought it would be nice to give you all an update! We have had a lot of fun designing and defining exactly how we want our bag to look and what want the bag to achieve. We have looked across many aspects of the bag and tweaked it for the sole purpose of what we want the bag to do:

A bag that helps everyday photographers integrate their camera seamlessly into their every life


Photography is often about exploration and being in the moment with your camera. We do not want to miss any moments with our camera so it is time to sort this. We want to run through some our thinking for the bags as we go on this journey.


Lets face it, the majority of hobbyist photographers are not going to own multiple lenses and multiple bases. We have decided to strip the bag down so that you can carry your camera with lens attached as well as an additional 1 or 2 lenses depending on the size of your main lens. We do not want the camera compartment to dominate the bag, you need to be able to carry all your other stuff as well! Why carry 7 lenses that will break your back when you can take 2 and have all you actually need and enjoy your shooting?


one of the primary focuses of our bag is style as we are fed up of the dull, unimaginative bags on the market. Does black really have to be the only colour to choose from when buying a camera bag? No. Not only are camera bags very easy targets for thieves, to add insult to injury they are ugly, we don’t like that.

That is all for now, we do not want to give too much away now do we!