Pakk Update – Prototype 3

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To say that Pakk has been a journey would be an understatement, however, we like journeys and we sincerely hope that this one continues. We have been testing prototype number 3 with a whole host of photographers in a wide variety of weather and are extremely pleased with where the bag is at, and more so where it is going. We feel it is time for a Pakk Update:

There are 6 key areas that we believe are not catered for in the camera bag market and wanted to ensure we nailed when starting out on this project:

Stylish – The Pakk bag breaks all the rules of how a camera bag should look, the sleek modern design is current, stylish and completely off the radar of bag thieves.

Versatile – Our internal camera insert and zip system allows you to quickly and easily remove all camera functionality, converting your camera bag into a spacious backpack for everyday use.

Easy Access – Shoot any moment quickly and easily with our side camera access pocket, complete with its own lock ensuring your gear is always safe

Intuitive – After brainstorming with many photographers we have designed a multitude of features that makes accessing your gear quick, safe and easy. From side camera access to memory card storage to zip locks we have got your back

Functional – With our secured back pocket, fleece lined laptop compartment (up to 15”), expandable water bottle/tripod pocket and clamshell open system you will never struggle to pack all your daily essentials

Premium – Using nothing but the best materials with our double layered 1000d cordura to our high grade leather and top of the range YKK zips, the Pakk bag is built to handle all that mother nature has to offer and will stand the tests of time

pakk-stylish-camera-bags-2 pakk updateSo where are we at?

Prototype 3

Finally the Pakk bag is the size I wanted it to be, for me there were a few set of criteria the bag had to meet:

  • Could I equally carry this bag to work as I would for a hike
  • Can the bag hold my DSLR + 2-3 lenses
  • Can the bag also hold My laptop and additional items that might include jumpers, spare chargers, flash, reflector, copious amounts of additional snacks

I am pleased to say the bag meets this criteria.

The bag is now structurally where it needs to be. The bag is waterproof, strong, protected, comfortable and very versatile. Now it is all about refinement. Making every small detail and idea work that little bit better or smoother. Below are a few snaps of the bag as is.

Some notable things that will change


The Yellow – it was an idea to add a splash of colour to the bag, in hindsight it was a terrible idea. We trialled moving away from a double layer of 1000d Cordura to a Nylon lining. In principle this should have worked, however, the material did not have the level of strength we wanted from our materials. We are now going back to a double layer of 1000d Cordura meaning stronger structure, more waterproof and just better.


We trialled a ‘hook’ system, however this will be updated to a ring and lock for the camera side access pocket. We will supply carabiner locks with the bag, however, the ring system will allow you to upgrade to a more industrial lock.

Shoulder Straps

We are adding even more padding and accessories including chest straps – minimal chance of any shoulder pain.


Reworking the adjustability of the bag for improved structure and aesthetic style

Front Pocket

Removing front pocket to ensure the bag holds structure

Reworking Bag Insert

We are upgrading our materials in the bag insert to the best on the market, ensuring your gear is as protected as possible.

pakk-stylish-camera-bags pakk updatepakk-stylish-camera-bags-3 pakk updatepakk-stylish-camera-bags-4 pakk updatepakk-stylish-camera-bags-5 pakk updatepakk-stylish-camera-bags-6 pakk update

These are just a few of the changes we are making, and there are more to be released over the coming weeks. So what next?

We are awaiting our final prototype of the bag, once we have this we will be ready to launch our Kickstarter!

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The Pakk bag will launch on Kickstarter w/c 7th November – make sure you are signed up to our mailing list for the chance to take advantage of our early bird discount on the bag.

In the meantime we ask that you do all you can to help us spread the word about Pakk. It is time that we banish ugly camera bags and accessories forever, however, we cannot do it with you.