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The latest in our Photographer Spotlight Series follows the amazing work of photographer Brent Kravitz. Learn all about Brent here:

Who are you and where are you from?

i’m from philadelphia and ive been a Designer, engineer, musician, producer and all around creator since I was wearing dipers. I come from a very artistic family, my dads a early hip hop pioneer who had his hand in records from cypress hill to sting and everything inbetween. Momdukes has done her thing in the advertising industry and is always inspiring and providing me everything I need to create. I now have a beautiful fiance and we have two kids and they work me from sun up to sun down, im just a big kid with kids of my own! But I have to say, they provide me with never ending joy filled family experiences to photograph.

What is your favourite camera setup?

My favorite set up is my silent and discrete Nikon 1 j4 with a $10 Marshall 16mm cctv lens. With the crop factor is comes out to 45mm. It is super low quality. I look at it like im rockstar with a pretty nice gutair, but I play it through distortion pedal. It lets me get away with alot.

What is your favourite photography style?

My mind is blown by the art of recording and its many forms. Time does not stay still. Things we say and do, if not recorded properly just sort of float of into thin air. The mind of the viewer has only so much memory and it only lasts so long. When you look at a photo or listen to a recording from 100 years ago, your kinda there for that moment. Thats the closest thing to time travel we have. So to put short. I like it all.

Where would you like to photograph most?

I love philly. Its just the right size of a city and its full of different aesthetics. Its vibe sets it apart from other cities. Go shoot there. Just dont let me see you standing in the middle of broad street taking the same picture of city hall as everyone else with a dslr. Get creative.

How would you describe your photography?

My main focus and style of photography these days is one that shows the relationship between earth’s process of decay and rebirth. I like taking pictures of man vs. nature in a abstact way. Go look at my Instagram and you will get the idea

Where can you be found? 

Find it @One1000th
Email me, lets talk about stuff.

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