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The latest in our Photographer Spotlight Series follows the amazing work of photographer Jaime Collins. Learn all about Jaime here:

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Jaime Collins and I live in Northern Ireland. When I’m not busy with my day job (working at a Pharmaceutical company) I’m normally out taking photos.
What is your favourite camera setup?
My current and favourite set up is my Nikon D750 accompanied by the Nikon 16-35mm F4. The body is extremely well featured and has one of the best senors on the market, which makes it a joy to use and produces stunning images. The Nikon 16-35mm is also a fantastic lens and provides a great focal length for my style of photography – landscape. It also accepts a standard filter holder which means I can still use my ND filters to help balance my exposure.
What is your favourite photography style?
Landscape photography is without doubt my favourite form of photography. There is nothing better than going out and capturing a breathtaking scene when the light is just right. Unfortunately this often involves heading out for sunrise and sunset, but when conditions are perfect it is definitely worth it. Not all the magic has to happen at the golden hour, however, as quite often I can be found out capturing a beautiful nightscape or aurora.
Where would you like to photograph most?
I’d love to travel to Iceland or Norway and this reason is two fold. Firstly, I’d love to capture the aurora at a more northerly latitude – where the displays are much more intense. Secondly, I want to photograph the spectacular mountains and fjords that can be found in these countries.
How would you describe your photography?
​I would describe my photography as travel. I hope that by going out and capturing beautiful scenes both local and abroad helps to encourage others to go and visit them; and hopefully they’ll find the same great experiences.
Where can you be found? 
I can be found at a number of places:


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