Sarah-Dee Impey: Photo Story

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Sarah-Dee Impey: Photo Story


In the middle of the hustle bustle in London town are these 2 frustrated creatives. Faye & Sarah-Dee. Anyone that is in any way creative will understand the highs and lows of their art. The longing to be as good as the next person, the mood swings, the wishing I was better, the why can’t I create something like that…and so on and so on. So, to face up to their constant frustrations and anxieties Faye and Sarah-Dee hatched a plan of awesomeness to create some photographic art and boost their morale’s.   After a couple of weeks of planning and several Pintrest boards later this was the result. Grungy, Boho fashion, with some surreal levitation thrown into the mix.

…..and the girls, well they’re both buzzing from the shoot and are planning the next one as you read this.


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