What are the different types of camera?

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When entering the camera market it is a scary places, countless camera models and types all with crazy names. Sony Alpha A6000, Nikon D800, Canon 5d Mark II, who even is Mark? It is time to a bit of jargon busting and outline the different types of camera:


The camera that used to dominate the world of the digital camera, a camera that is likely to be extinct in the not so distant future. A camera with a digital zoom usually used by dads purchased before a family holiday. Smartphones has all but wiped out this portion of the camera marketCompact-system types of camera



A bridge camera is a form of compact camera…but bigger. These cameras have an attached, non inter-changeable zoom lens. It has the look and feel of a DSLR with an electronic viewfinder. These tend to be cheaper than a DSLR and offering decent output without the added benefit of an inter-changeable lens.

bridge types of camera

Mirrorless Camera

These cameras are the newest generation of compact system cameras that often have the power and sensors of a full frame DSLR without the weight and the size. These cameras tend to be equipped with an electronic viewfinder that may make you feel less connected to the subject or less accurate. Conversely at Pakk we quite enjoy the realistic version of the shot the electronic viewfinder can provide.

mirrorless types of camera


The stalwart of the digital camera world, integral part of photography for amateurs, hobbyists and professionals alike. In the pre-digital age these were just SLR’s (Single Lens Reflex Cameras). These tend to be quite clunky cameras with a huge array of lenses that can be attached for a range of purposes. Focusing and framing on these cameras are easier, quicker and more precise. More recent models come packed with all sorts of features including fantastic HD filming. If you are seriously wanting to get into photography, this has to be you only choice!

dslr types of camera


Medium Format

These are the biggest, most serious cameras. They have huge sensors compared to the standard 35mm that you will typically find in an DSLR. These tend to be used for high-end commercial shoots to maintain the highest quality for billboards etc.


medium-format types of camera